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Al Fresco

6 Jul

happy wednesday!  i hope you all had a great 4th of july, and a great week so far! 

john and i just finished dog sitting & house sitting for a family i babysit for, and we took full advantage of the space.  (hi faith and sharon!) i absolutely adore having a kitchen larger than a walk in closet and being able to eat outside on the deck is fantastic. the hot tub isn’t too bad either…

i was seriously lacking motivation to cook for the past week or so, but that all changed on sunday night. i had bought this gf pizza dough mix when i went grocery shopping and was so excited to get my ‘za on!

i followed the directions on the box, it was pretty hard to knead. the dough was extremely sticky, i probably added a half cup of bob mill’s GF flour to it to keep it from sticking. i greased the pan really well, but when this bad boy popped outta the oven, he didn’t want to pop out of the pan.

amanda and i tried to lift it out, but no dice. we ended up eating it with forks, straight out of the pan. classy! 

the pizza tasted really good, the crust could have been better, but i was thrilled considering i haven’t had pizza in so long! i topped it with pizza sauce, pineapple, fresh basil from their garden (!!) tomato, and broccoli. we all enjoyed it!

amanda and i managed to polish off this bottle of wine that faith and sharon left for me, it was good! not sure how we guzzled it all down. 😉

such a gorgeous sunset to end a perfect outdoor dining experience!

on the 4th we grilled out with some veggie burgers and corn, john was the grill master.

john made some potato salad and i made the guacamole. everything was delicious.

amanda’s plate, before she loaded up on sides.

my plate, which was identical to john’s.

the aftermath. (this picture is perfect, thanks amanda!)

what did you do for the 4th? i’m sure we aren’t the only ones who ate one too many scoops of potato salad! 😉