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Food, Drinks, and Baseball!

26 Jun

hello! how has your weekend been so far?  sunday is my favorite day of the week- a day to relax, cook big meals, go on long runs. any other sunday lovers out there?

we drove back to our apartment this morning after a fun filled weekend in metro detroit. thanks to jessica, john’s sis, for letting us crash at their house!  we were able to bring our dog maggie, and she had a blast hanging out with jess’ very  sweet and vocal terrier mix, panda. jessica and her husband scott are expecting a lil girl in november! so exciting!! 🙂

friday night we arrived at jess’ house  at 6 p.m. and headed to inn season cafe, in royal oak. surprisingly, we didn’t have to wait for a table! last time we tried to eat there we were told the wait would be over an hour, and we didn’t have time to wait. i was so excited to eat!

if you eat a similar diet,  you understand how exciting it can be to go to an all vegetarian restaurant. michigan doesn’t have very many of these, and there are none where we live in okemos. i have the hardest time deciding what i want when we come here because the options are endless!

we started with the rice croquettes for an appetizer, which were really great. the miso sauce was very yummy! 

jessica had some unpictured mushroom, which i ate about half of. she wasn’t a big fan, and i am always down to eat some mushrooms! 

deciding on an entree was tough, but in the end i ordered a special, but forgot the name of it! something taos…? it was breaded zuchinni, layered with daiya cheese, served with a side of quinoa salad and the best black beans i have ever eaten. for real! i think they had maple syrup in them. yum! (sorry for the blurry photo!)

john ordered what he gets every time, the big baprawski burger.

jess ordered the spinach walnut pizza, which looked really good!

i needed dessert, and ordered the only gluten free option, a strawberry tart with vanilla soy ice cream. it was so tasty, and huge! i ate the whole thing myself and left the restaurant with a food baby. 😉

after we spent some time chatting, we headed to bed pretty early. those pregnant women sure like to sleep! 😉

saturday started early, we were all up by 8:30, which is unheard of for me on the weekend. (let’s be honest, it’s pretty rare during the week,too.)

we met my family briefly for some lunch at the stage deli. my dad’s cousin mikey was in town with his wife jacque and daughter rachel. we couldn’t stay long since we were meeting friends for the tiger’s game, but it was nice to see everyone! we both had salads, we were still pretty full from our breakfasts.

before we headed to detroit, we stopped in to see john’s other sister sarah, her husband mike, and their daughter keira. john’s other sister was there too, lindsay! we stopped in for a quick hello, and then made our way to d-town.

all of our friends needed lunch, so we went to bucharest grill. i had never been before, but their hummus was yummy! i asked for some veggies to dip, since i can’t eat the pita, and only got cucumbers. oh well!

you order your food at the counter, and then sit down with a number. we sat at the bar, which actually isn’t part of bucharest at all.

the park bar was a really cool place, i loved the decor and they had some great beers! john had two pints of red’s rye, and i started with the motor city brewing works blueberry perry. it was different than anything i’ve had before. i can’t drink beer because of the barley malts, so i stick to ciders, wine, or liquor. this tasted like a very fruity, low alcohol champagne. it was hard to descibe!

my second and last drink at the park bar was an amaretto sour. our friend brian’s girlfriend, sarah (yay for new friends!) asked the bartender for a drink with amaretto. i could see him making it, squeezing fresh lemons and limes into the glass. then he put in some agave nectar and i squealed to john, “look! agave!” i am a weirdo and get excited when i see organic products. she let me try a sip and it was delicious.  then i drank my own. mmmmm!

eventually we made our way to another bar, which i forgot the name of. the boys were super excited to see there was a foosball table, and john was defeated during an epic match. john was known as the foosball champion when he lived with jack and collin, so this was quite the upset. 😉

24 oz cans of dogbite were on sale for $3, and a few people in our group ordered them. the general consensus = disgusting, but they were cheap and 10% alcohol. naturally, they kept drinking them.  i had two vodka sodas, and then cooled it until the game.

our friend collin with his dogbite, and john being a creep as usual.

jack, collin, and john. i really wish john would smile normally for a picture. maybe at our wedding? i don’t have my hopes up.

after playing paparazzi, we made it into comerica park. i had one last drink, a mike’s hard limeade. it was pretty gross, and cost way too much. john had a labatt blue. don’t forget the peanuts!

i’m not a baseball fan, and since we had standing room tickets i didn’t watch any of the game. instead, i had a blast chatting and dancing with our friends.  typical baseball game behavior.

we had a so much fun with everyone, great way to spend a saturday!

i’m about to go for a run, not sure where, or how far. all i know is that i gotta get moving! enjoy the rest of your sunday!!

what did you do with your weekend? are you a baseball fan?