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I forgot how to cook.

4 Jul

hi! happy 4th of july to all of you! any fun plans? my friend amanda is coming over soon and we are going to go roller blading and hit up the pool! it is beautiful here today!

after my last post on wednesday, claiming i was going to get groceries and get my butt in the kitchen, we went out to eat. fail. we went to altu’s, an ethiopian restaurant. her food is so good, and we were both craving it.

on thursday, john’s dad came up to golf with him, and while they were on the links, i finally hit up the grocery stores. i went to the east lansing food co-op to get the stuff i can’t find anywhere else, and then stocked up at meijer. 

yes, i was a weirdo taking a picture of my cart at the check out. i need to read that magazine too, has a great article on raw foods with a bunch of recipes!

after golf we went out and got some thai food at taste of thai, where i was dominated by a massive portion of pad thai with tofu. so. much. food! i wanted to make the boys dinner, but his dad didn’t want to make me cook. little did he know that i hadn’t cooked in days. 

i ended up eating my leftovers the next day for lunch and just felt icky. too much eating out! on friday night we weren’t really hungry for dinner since we both had a big lunch, so we each slurped down a smoothie.

i did manage to cook something last week. technically i baked, but i’m counting it. i attempted to make mama pea’s gluten free dough balls, but mine turned into cookies. no matter, they were SO GOOD. 

i also tried and failed again at making margarita cupcakes from vegan cupcakes take over the world. i have only successfully baked these once, and have since failed 3 times. i really don’t know why they don’t turn out, i follow the recipe to a t!

they may look good, but were really gummy. ick.

saturday was filled with MORE dining out, due to my sister lyndsey’s 21st birthday! my sister chelsey’s birthday was the day before, but we couldn’t make it home for her’s since we are dogsitting. we went rock climbing in ann arbor on saturday, which was a blast as always. my aunt and uncle,  two cousins, and grandma were in town too, it was so nice to see everyone!

after climbing john and i grabbed lunch at one of our favorite spots, arbor brewing company. we’ve only been a few times since it’s an hour away, but it is delicious! they focus on local and seasonal foods, and have quite a few vegetarian and vegan options. john just goes for the beer though. 😉

john got a sacred cow cask  i.p.a. and i had the northville winery hard cider. and sweet potato fries to start. mmmm!

i ordered the black bean tacos, and was seriously dissapointed that they didn’t have any guacamole. still yummy, although the salsa tore my mouth apart. john had the tempeh burger and chips. it was a potato heavy day.

we both left with full bellies. and a growler of the i.p.a.

we showered up and headed out to flemings’s steak house (the big lunch was definitely preemptive) for lyndsey’s birthday dinner. it was really nice and we had a blast listening to my dad speak nonsense. 🙂

afterwards we went to a local bar with lyndsey and her boyfriend ryan for a few more celebratory drinks. 
notice how she has a different drink in those pictures. 😉

in a surprising turn of events, i cooked last night, but i’ll save that for another post. have a great 4th of july!!