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Peanut butter, Chocolate, & Coconut Buckwheat Bars

16 Jun

if you’re looking for a decadent and healthy treat, these are it! this recipe is from sarah, otherwise known as mama pea, over at peas and thank you. i’ve been meaning to whip these up ever since she posted them, and finally got down to business last night.

for the recipe, please click *here*

i made two modifications to her recipe, to suit my taste.

-instead of using stevia, which is already in my protein powder, i added 1/4 c of agave nectar. i can’t handle too much stevia, and the agave tastes delicious.

-i added 1/8 c of melted coconut oil to the bars. coconut oil solidifies in colder temps and liquifies at warmer temps. since these are going to be kept in the fridge i added the oil to help them hold their shape when i grab one to take on the go.

these bars have so much going for them. peanut butter and chocolate anyone? one of the best combinations ever. the buckwheat packs a nutritional punch, and contrary to its name, is not wheat. again, check out sarah’s page for the nutritional break down on these bad boys.

buckwheat in an incredible pseudocereal, rich in iron and full of amino acids. i found mine at our food co-op, and purchased it in the raw form, know as buckwheat groats. buying buckwheat this way allows you to grind it into flour, or toast it, like in this recipe! 

even though this looks like an empty dish, there is a smidgen of coconut oil in here. coconut oil is an incredibly healthy fat, containing 50% lauric acid, beneficial in preventing high cholesterol and blood pressure. that’s only the tip of the coconut (har, har), click here for more stats.

it takes a little bit of muscle to get the batter to combine, but it’s well worth it!

let me know if you give these a shot. the buckwheat can easily be subbed out if you don’t have any, so crisp rice cereal could stand in for the crunch factor.  thanks again, mama pea!