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Trader Joe’s: cheapest groceries around

20 Feb

Hello! Anyone else out there obsessed with Trader Joe’s? We don’t have a T.J’s close by, but there is one right by my parent’s house. I always swing by and stock up when we’re in town.

IMG 0034

I love shopping at Trader Joe’s for three reasons…

1. Cheap, cheap, cheap

IMG 0598

Sometime last month, I stocked up and my bill was only $112.57 ! My parents were awesome enough to give us two $100 gift cards (I had already used one!) for Christmas, reducing my bill to $12.57. Awesome.

2. Unique products

Trader Joe’s is known for their unique selection of products. Sunflower seed butter, seaweed snacks, and my favorite almond milk all come from T.J’s.

IMG 0033

They also carry repackaged brand name products. Trader Joe’s is able to sell these items using the TJ’s brand at a lower cost. Read more about it here!

3. Awesome selection of healthy, vegan, and gluten free foods

Trader Joe’s carries tons of our favorite frozen meals, organic fruits and veggies, and even some delicious gluten free goodies!

Here’s the haul I got for a whopping $112.

IMG 0589

Organic orange juice, hummus, bananas, recycled paper towels, vegan fried rice, and gluten free corn penne pasta- just to name a few things.

Do you shop at Trader Joe’s? What’s your favorite product?

For Murphy.

15 Feb


Late last night, my family lost one of their dear friends, our dog Murphy.

He was one of the sweetest pups I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. Image

It happened very suddenly, the doctor said his death was caused from blood collecting around his heart. I hope he didn’t suffer and wasn’t too scared, but there’s no way we can know. 

This is the first time I’ve had to deal with the loss of an animal and it’s really hard. I feel even worse for my Dad, he loved that dog like a son and has to be hurting more than I ever could.

Murphy, I’ll miss being greeted by a giant furball everytime I come back home.

I’ll miss taking you and Maggie (my dog) out to run amuck in the woods. Remember that time you both pooped in the neighbor’s yard?

I’ll miss the way you would lay your head into everyone’s lap when you cuddled.

I’ll miss chucking the ball for you, again and again, until you couldn’t find it. 😉

I’ll miss going into the garden with you, Dad, and Maggie. You knew just how to weave through the plants and where the best snacks were. Oh, and you loved to pee on all the vegetables. (I never told Mom.)

Thank you for being so sweet to me, and for being the best hair-covered brother we all ever had. More importantly, thank you for being the best furry- son Dad could ever ask for. We love you, and miss you.

Please send some positive thoughts our way, and hug the ones you love extra tight tonight. Feel free to leave any messages to loved ones you have lost in the comments section. 


The Raw Café: Detroit

12 Feb

Hello everyone! Another Sunday, another post. I noticed that I have started a Sunday-only posting trend. Hopefully I can remedy that soon!

Last weekend, John and I met up with his family at Garden Bowl in Detroit. His sister, his mom’s husband, and John have birthdays on consecutive days. We all got together for the triad birthday celebration! Strangely enough, there was an organic, vegan, and raw café two doors down. HECK YES. I ran down during our second game to grab us some grub.



IMG 0923

I was a bit skeptical when I saw organic on the menu, but as I sat and waited for our order I could see various organic ingredients in the kitchen. Spices that we have in our own pantry. and organic cacao nibs. Delicious!

I ordered the collard wrap, which was filled with avocado, cabbage, broccoli. and a delicious garlic dressing. It was perfectly dressed, and so crispy!

IMG 0928

I ordered John the “spaghetti and meatballs.” This dish was actually zucchini noodles with nut based balls. ::giggles::

It was excellent, and he was nice enough to share!

IMG 0930

To finish our meal, I got us a slice of the raw apple pie to split. Split means John takes 2 bites and I eat the rest. Happy birthday? 😉

IMG 0924

This pie was made of dates, apples, cranberries, and spices. I think there was some raw sugar in there too. Holy yumminess! IMG 0922

I highly recommend The Raw Café if you are in Midtown! Located on Woodward, this café is fantastic!