Committing to Blogging

16 Aug

hello! i’m back after another long absence. i hate that i can’t seem to keep a normal blogging schedule.  i have time for it,  i’m just not committing. i have a pretty big problem with commitment, except of course when it comes to relationships – you’re the only one john! 😉

for instance, we had planned on racing the half ironman distance in next month’s triathlon festival up in tawas bay. we talked it up for months, but when it came down to it, neither of us signed up or started training in time. finally, at the end of last month, we realized we couldn’t prepare in only 2 months, and scrapped the idea.

ditching the half ironman didn’t sit right with me, so i began searching for a race i could sign up for this year. i was looking for one that would give me enough time to train, and still challenge me. i felt guilty for putting of the half ironman for the second year in a row (we had plans to do the same exact race last year, too!), and i needed to commit to something. lucky for me, the detroit free press marathon and half marathon are on october 16th, which is just enough time for me to prepare for the half. i’m super excited because the only other half marathon we have done was a trail run this past may.  it was killer, we finished in 2:40, but so much fun! i’m excited to see how much faster i’ll be on the road, and i’ve heard that the race is awesome! 🙂 unfortunately, john won’t be running with me because his ankle isn’t allowing him to run, but he’ll be there to cheer me on!

so what i’m trying to say, is that i am committing to blogging starting today. i love writing these posts, and responding to your comments! i love the food blogging community in general, such a genuine group of individuals. 🙂

a few weeks (months?!) ago i put out a call on facebook for requests on the blog, and i got quite a few! thanks!

reader requests

-granola bar recipe


-indian food recipes and cooking techniques 

-health food stores 101 : what to buy and why!

all this is coming up in the next few weeks- expect the guacamole recipe before the weekend! thank you for reading, and for your support. have a great rest of your tuesday!

do you have a hard time committing to things?

if not, how do you keep yourself committed? 


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