Where’s the food?

29 Jun

hey y’all! i just went southern for a second, clearly it’s time for bed.

i know i don’t have a whole lot of readers yet, but i want to apologize to the few of you out there. i haven’t been living up to this blog’s name. cooking? huh?

after a stellar weekend of yumminess, we came home to an apartment majorly lacking in the food area. and i came home to an attitude seriously lacking in the motivational area. i know caitlin feels me!

my breakfast this morning was so pathetic. i had a mug full of the remaining granola crumbs and an apple. i was starving by 11am. no surprise there! so, tomorrow morning i am off to the grocery stores to stock up and plan some delicious meals.

thanks for bearing with me, i am so ready to get back in the kitchen!

in the meantime here are some awesome articles i’ve read the past few days:

huffington post: humane meat is the solution to what, again?

detroit free press: new york gay pride parade follows legalization of same-sex marriage  (6th state so far!)

the new york times: the last ironman

the new york times: pates, minus the geese(these look really good!!)

let me know what you think, see you soon! 🙂


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