Weekend Love.

5 Jun

hello! we had a fabulous weekend filled with great friends, family, and delicious food!

on friday we traveled to chicago to stay with our friends in the city. we enjoyed some panera on the way, one of my favorite road trip foods. 1/2 classic salad and bowl of black bean soup+chips for me, mediterranean veggie with no feta for him. when we arrived in the windy city, we lounged on our friend’s rooftop deck and scoped out a few local bars. and of course played mario kart.
saturday we headed to the suburbs for my second cousin’s baptism. the day started with a bang when we hit up whole foods only to discover a glorious breakfast hot bar! we both had the tofu scramble with roasted potatoes.

wait for it...


i sipped a kombucha, while he went the more traditional route via orange juice.

green goodness.

after the baptism, we headed to a local italian restaurant for lunch. we didn’t expect to eat much more than salad, thus the extremely filling breakfast. my cousin was awesome enough to make sure ahead of time that we would get some vegan dishes. i had some bubbly water to start, and then we feasted.

john enjoyed some baguette, olive oil and red pepper flakes.

we both devoured our salads. loved the olives!

since i have a wheat sensitivity, we both ate some gluten free pasta. john said it tasted fine, he’s had it before at home. i was a very happy lady when this bowl was set down in front of us.

gluten free pasta with tomato sauce

our server kept hauling delicious drinks past our table, specifically a lemondrop martini. even though we both indulged the night before i had to have one.

lemondrop + love of my life

it was super sweet, but i was okay with that. john had his favorite, an unpictured blue moon. (only joking, he isn’t much for wheat beers but it was the best they had.)

i have four younger sisters, all of which share a love for starbucks. count my mom in too. it came as no suprise when thought we were following them back to the hotel, but ended up here.

i also snagged this dark chocolate, but for some unknown reason haven’t eaten it yet. i spent 3.5 hours in the car with this bad boy in my purse and didn’t even bust it out. how odd.

we spent a few hours at my cousin’s house, then hit the road. since john had to work at 9 am this morning we wanted to get back last night. my sister shelby (better known as norm), came along for the ride since she needed to get back on sunday too. i drove the whole way back, for what i think is the first time ever. the hours flew by as norm and i shared stories, discussed documentaries and impersonated our father. we love us some bob. oh, john slept in the back seat, fetal position. 🙂

this morning i ran a 5k with a friend and got breakfast at our favorite spot, traveler’s club. i got my usual.

huevos rancheros, corn tortillas, salsa and guacamole.

shelby enjoyed 2 sunny-side eggs with toast, and a giant buckwheat pancake.

it was a perfect weekend, topped off with a visit to whole foods and trader joe’s. stay tuned to see all the goodies i found!

2 Responses to “Weekend Love.”

  1. Collin 06/11/2011 at 1:56 pm #

    I thought you weren’t allowed to have the guac there! Hahaha. Nice blog; you’ve got me thinking of starting my own.

    • ashleyatcookingforjohn 06/11/2011 at 2:08 pm #

      haaha, no problems this time! i’m glad you like the blog, thanks for reading! start your own!

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